Forensic Accountants & Fraud Examiners look behind the numbers. If you want to know why your numbers don’t match, you need a Forensic Accountant & Fraud Examiner from our team who specializes in forensic A-Z accounting to help answer the questions, unveil the issues, and consequently recommend preventive & corrective action plans.

A team of Fraud Examiners and Forensic Accountants possess the required experience in carrying out complex forensic audit / investigation because of an embedded capability in various Fraud Schemes; Financial & Forensic Accounting, Law Relating to Fraud, Best in Class Procedures for Investigations and Internal Controls for Fraud Prevention.

As fraud advisors our forensic audit services is to investigate cases of suspected fraud so as to prove or disprove the suspicions, and if the suspicions are proven, by subjecting evidence to forensic laboratory , to identify the persons involved, support the findings by evidence and to present the evidence in an acceptable format in any subsequent disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

Our services in Forensic Auditing and Investigation is market leading and with complementary expert witness services in court of law, should the need arise.

 Background Checks

Expert say the best indicator of future performance or behavior is past performance or behavior. Vetting all employees through background investigations is an absolute necessity today where work place fraud is on the increase, coupled with difficult economic climate as an incentive.

The level of scrutiny in a background check should be commensurate with the employee’s role and responsibility. However, we have a standard (minimum) due diligence criteria that fits into most employee levels. For senior roles and those in critical position i.e. Finance, Procurement etc, we perform additional procedures.

Talk to fraud advisor and we will make you understand why background checks are worth the cost. Because is said child intelligence is linked to child’s parents intelligence too. viz avid child’s fraudulent activities .



Fraud advisor offers Campaign and Education workshop, aimed at educating employees and corporate executives about fraud and fraud risks inherent in the business. Through this workshop tailored to specific industry challenges, examples and approach, we focus on teaching controls to deter / detect fraud and encourage employees to report wrongdoing. Employee education is one of the most effective methods of preventing fraud from occurring within your establishment . we teach your employee, when, how , who, where to fraud. Also do the following –

Teach employees / senior management about common types of occupational fraud

What warning signs to be alert for

What to do if they suspect fraud

Fraud reporting process.